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Moura offers an excellent and diversified set of activities, of which we highlight the following ones:

  • Assist to the bullfights that take place during the festivities of Moura and surrounding villages;
  • Boat trips in the biggest artificial lake of Europe, the Alqueva dam;
  • Bicycle tours;
  • Canoeing, sailing or windsurfing in Alqueva dam;
  • Horseback riding, including "charrete" riding classes with special Hotel programmes;
  • Wine tasting with local producers;
  • Olive oil tasting;
  • Hunting, being Moura region one of the largest reserve of deer in the country;
  • Fishing in the borders of the Ardila and Guadiana rivers or in the Alqueva dam;
  • Pedestrian excursions guided by specialists, shepherds or old smugglers;
  • Radical sports;
  • Go ballooning to appreciate by the air the beauty of the golden plains of Alentejo;
  • 4x4 off road training and competitions;
  • Racing of motor-boats.