Garden of Olives “Miguel Hernández”


You know you're in Alentejo when you see olive groves in the landscape. It is a landmark in our region, as it is one of the main economic resources.

In Moura, the Jardim das Oliveiras “Miguel Hernández” was inaugurated in 2012 in honor of the Spanish poet who fought for republicans in the Spanish civil war (1936-39), and when the conflict ended, he crossed the Portuguese border in the area of ​​Moura having been arrested by the Salazarist police and handed over to the Spanish authorities in Rosal de La Frontera. Shortly thereafter, he ended up dying in the fascist dungeons at the age of 31. His poetry includes references to the olive tree and olive grove workers.

This garden is a ludic-pedagogical space that makes known the olive and olive groves in recognition of olive growing. It is connected to the Lagar de Varas do Fojo, which is located in front and to the future Municipal Library of Moura, designed for the building in whose outer space the garden was built.

For many years, the olive grove has been the source of income for a large part of the population, consequently the production of olive oil, and canned olives as well. Although olive oil production is on a larger scale.


In this garden you can see some varieties of olive trees, with emphasis on the most traditional in the county, different aromatic and medicinal herbs from the region and also some climbing plants.