History and Culture in Moura


Traveling back in time and strolling through each brand of the past, is one of the reasons that leads you to visit the city of Moura.

With centuries of history, this village in the lower Alentejo was conquered by the brothers Pedro and Álvaro Rodrigues from the Moors in 1166. There were several conquests and reconquest until finally in 1295, D. Dinis (r.1279-1325) ordered the reconstruction of the fortifications of Moura and granted him the charter.

From its first name Aruci Novum during the Roman occupation, it passed to Al-Manijah due to the Muslim invasions. The current name comes from the Legend of Moura Salúquia.

According to the legend, Princess Salúquia engaged to the Moorish Bráfama, on the eve of her wedding, threw herself from the castle tower when she realized that the city had been taken over by Christians and consequently her lover would have been killed. Then the brothers Pedro and Álvaro Rodrigues, moved by the love story, renamed the city Terra da Moura Salúquia, having evolved into the current Moura.

There is a lot of historical evidence that accompanies the streets of this city, starting with Mouraria, a neighborhood with strong Arab remains, located next to the Castle. You will find in one of its streets, Rua da Muralha Nova, a section of one of the castle walls from the end of the century. XVII. In the center of Mouraria an Arabian Well with references from the 19th century. XIV, marks the Muslim presence in Moura, as well as some ceramic pieces.

The entire historical past with these references, leads us to a present full of culture and traditions that are curiously maintained.

We invite you to visit the city, you will be dazzled by all the vestiges and historical surroundings that Moura offers.



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