Moura's activity guide


Are you fed up with your routine? Don't know what to do to get that joy of trying something you've always wanted? Then you've come to the right place. Here you will find several proposals of activities you can do in Moura that will give you that change you were needing, and while visiting Moura, why not take the opportunity to rest at the Hotel de Moura? Between the activities you do, you can rest comfortably and enjoy the best of your days here.

If you are a lover of water activities, then you must have wished that you would like to try activities that you have never dared to do, such as canoeing. At the Alqueva Dam you will have the possibility to do that, plus you have more options, such as sailing and windsurfing. If you prefer calmer things, you have the possibility to stay fishing in the margins of the Ardila and Guadiana rivers, or even in the Alqueva dam, or even take a boat ride and enjoy the views.

If you prefer land activities, we have several practices to choose from, such as kinesthesia and horseback riding, namely horse or carriage rides, and you can also take horseback riding lessons through special programs promoted by the Hotel de Moura.

If you are more a fan of watching rather than doing, obviously we also have for you activities such as 4x4 competitions, watching bullfights and even boat races.

If your favorite pastime is to walk around and visit all the places you can, then take advantage of our hot air balloon rides, it is something you don't do every day and you will enjoy a unique time when you are flying over the entire village of the area. If you want something more usual you can take a bike ride through the countryside, or go on a walking tour with an expert guide in the area. You can also have the pleasure of going to the wine tastings promoted by the Hotel de Moura, with the collaboration of local producers, and also the olive oil tastings.

By staying at the Hotel de Moura you will have a wide range of options to have fun, relax, and get to know our region culturally and gastronomically. These are unforgettable moments and soon, soon you will want to come back.