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Alqueva Dam, the largest artificial lake in Europe, an immensity of water as far as the eye can see, surrounded by an enviable natural landscape. Small “islets”, small pieces of land that make us dream of something bigger, but ours. And the Alqueva Dam is, in fact, ours, as is its color, its tranquility and, above all, its beauty and the life that is concentrated in it.

“Alqueva” is a word derived from “alqueive”, “fallow land” or “desert”, of dry soils, thirsty for water, which now seems to be not lacking. The dam is located on the Guadiana river, one of the longest on the Iberian Peninsula, in the deep Alentejo, close to the village whose name is… Alqueva. It is possible to navigate the Guadiana river to Mértola, an interesting village in Alentejo too, like the rest of Alentejo! This "journey" takes place over a distance of about 68 km.

Everything there is to do in Alqueva has to do with the surrounding space. For those who like to live with strong emotions must came to Alentejo to demystify the idea that there is only peace here, here are some suggestions:

Hunting and fishing

walking tours

Horse rides

Airplane and helicopter tours

Hot air balloon flights

Alqueva boat trips

mountain biking

House boats

water sports


All these activities at the Alqueva Dam have something in common, the contact with Nature, with the fauna and flora of a unique and immense place.



What to visit in Alqueva

The dam covers 5 municipalities in Alentejo – Portel, Moura, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Mourão and Alandroal – and also the Spanish municipalities of Olivença, Cheles, Alconchel and Villanueva del Fresno. Within those five municipalities there are towns and villages that, in a different way, touch and are touched by the beauty of the Alqueva Dam.

On a small peninsula, in the municipality of Moura, next to the dam, which was formed as a result of the rising waters from the dam, is the village of Estrela (Star). Its location is privileged and that is why an anchorage was created there, where boats that, on endless journeys, cross the immensity of Lake Alqueva are moored.

The entrance to the village is via the same road that takes us away from it. Once there, Praça da Estrela (Star Square) welcomes us, then we must continue through Largo da Igreja and end in Praça dos Ofícios.

Here you can take a walk, have a snack, like a picnic, in the Estrela picnic park, and even take a few dips. You can also visit the Mother Church of Our Lady of Estrela and enjoy, as far as the eye can see, the entire Alqueva reservoir.



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