What to visit in Baixo Alentejo


If you don't know what to visit in Baixo Alentejo, here is a list of some of the best places to spend a good time.

  • Moura

The city of Moura is a city that was dominated by Arabs, counting then with a past rich in history. To get to know this amazing place better, I advise you to visit

  • the Roman Bridge;
  • the Dolmenic Gallery and dolmen;
  • The Arabic Well of Moura
  • The Matriz Church of São João Baptista
  • Olive Oil Museum
  • Moura Castle.

  • Mourão

The history of this town has been marked by important facts such as the battle of Mourão, between the Portuguese and the Castilians in 1477, during the War of Succession of Castile. That said, some of the monuments you should visit are:

  • the Mourão Castle;
  • The Mother Church of Nossa Senhora das Candeias
  • The Church of São Francisco
  • The Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz
  • The Misericórdia Church;
  • The Castle of Lousã.

  • Reguengos de Monsaraz

The history of Reguengos mixes a lot with Monsaraz's history because they had the same boundaries, ending up joining the stories of both. I advise you to visit

  • the Dark Sky Alqueva Observatory;
  • Castle and Walls of Monsaraz
  • Santo António's Church
  • The Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
  • The Wineries
  • The Pottery of São Pedro do Corval
  • The Alqueva Lake Observatory
  • Cromleque do Xerez.

  • Portel

This town developed through the existing castle there, having several monuments to visit, such as

  • the Castle of Portel;
  • The Churches here present
  • The Council Chambers
  • The Alqueva Dam
  • Viewpoint of São Bartolomeu do Outeiro
  • Parque da Matriz
  • Parish Museum
  • Albito Lagoon
  • Amieira Marina.

  • Vidigueira

The municipality of Vidigueira is very rich in vegetable gardens and orchards, and the fact that it is located right next to the Serra do Meandro, has already been called the Sintra of the Alentejo. This municipality doesn't have many monuments to see, but it is still a beautiful place that should be visited. As in the other places there are many churches to be visited, and don't forget to see the statue of Fialho de Almeida, the Menhir of Mac Abraão and the Sculpture of Homage to the Men and Women of the Carved Wine.

  • Barrancos

Barrancos was the result of a transfer of population and municipal power of the old village of Noudar, along this one can find several monuments spread around the municipality, worth mentioning

  • the Nature Park;
  • Castle
  • Moinho da Pipa (Pipa Mill)
  • Pipa Fountain
  • the Parochial Church
  • The Clock Tower;
  • Municipal Museum of Archeology and Ethnography.

  • Serpa

This one is located in the District of Beja, inside the wall, being the historical center an open-air museum. In 1295 Dom Dinis ordered the castle to be built and the town to be surrounded by a great wall. Some of the places you must visit when you pass through Serpa are

  • the Castle;
  • Aqueduct
  • the various churches it has;
  • The various chapels in the city
  • The Wall
  • The existing Museums, with special attention to the Clock Museum
  • The Clock Tower
  • The Chapel of São Roque
  • The Bridge over the Enxoé stream
  • The Roman Dam of Muro dos Mouros
  • The Chapels.

And as you can't miss, visit Aldeia da Luz, which has a history that reminds us of Atlantis. If you don't know, this village was submerged by the waters of the Guadiana river when the Alqueva dam was still being built, so the inhabitants had the choice between being relocated in the neighboring villages or building a new village keeping the characteristics of the old one. They chose the second option, and so that their origins would not be forgotten, the Luz Museum was created, which we recommend that you visit. Take the opportunity and cross the border, visit Spain and go fill up the tank that after all this travel, it is even worth it.