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If you don't already know, the Alentejo is well known for its wine, whether white or red, it is one of the best wines in Portugal. The whites are aromatic, fresh and harmonious, while the reds have an intense aroma of red fruits, being soft and slightly bitter. Here below is a list you must visit if you are a wine lover.

  • Cartuxa Winery

Located at Quinta do Valbom, in Évora, it has operated as a wine press since 1776.

  • Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito

Located in the Municipality of Vidigueira, between Beja and Évora, it was founded in 1960 and has 294 members.

  • Calisto Winery

Located in Quinta da Várzea, this winery was acquired in 1980 by the Calisto family.

  • José de Sousa Winery

This wine house has been standing since 1878, having been acquired by José Maria da Fonseca in 1986. It is located in Reguengos de Monsaraz.


Agricultural Cooperative from Reguengos de Monsaraz, was founded in the seventies and has 970 members.

  • Cortes de Cima

This property is run by a Danish man and an American woman who fell in love with Vidigueira and decided to plant a vineyard.

  • Herdade do Esporão

Located in a historical area in Reguengos de Monsaraz, this estate was bought by entrepreneur José Roquette in 1973, but wine production only gained momentum in 1985.

  • Herdade do Rocim

This estate is located between Vidigueira and Cuba, in Baixo Alentejo.

  • Herdade do Sobroso

Situated in the heart of the Alentejo, next to the Guadiana river and a few kilometers from the Alqueva dam. This estate is run by a family where each family member has their own role to play.

  • Herdade Grande

Located in Vidigueira, acquired in 1920.

  • Herdade Monte do Vau

Located next to the river Guadiana.

  • Herdade Paço do Conde

This estate was founded in 1928, located in Monte Paço do Conde.

  • Quinta da Pigarça

This land was acquired in 1989 and is located in Cuba, near Vidigueira.

  • Quinta do Quetzal

Is located in Vidigueira, in the Baixo Alentejo region of Vila de Frades, and has been producing wines since 2006.

  • Ribafreixo Wines

This land was abandoned in Vidigueira, until the entrepreneur Mário Pinheiro found it in 2007 and turned it into some vineyards and other plantations.

  • Sociedade Agrícola de Pias (Margaça Family)

It is located between Serpa and Moura, and was opened in 1988.