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Hotel de Moura

We guarantee that you will not find lower rates in other web site.

We guarantee the BEST AVAILABLE RATE.

We guarantee that the prices found on this website are the best prices you'll find online.

If you find a lower price on another site, make the booking in, fill the comments and insert the connection from where you had found the lower rates and we will give you 5% discount on the lower price you found.


Please follow the 3 steps indicated below.

If you find any price below the price available in until 24 hours after the conclusion of your booking at, at the time of making your booking, we will not only match that price, but will also offer you 5% off!

Best Rate in only 3 steps:

  • Step 1 - Make your reservation at as usual and save your reservation number;
  • Step 2 - Fill the comments and indicate the site with the link of the lowest price found or if you had already made the booking, send as a message through indicating your reservation number as well the link with the lowest rate;
  • Step 3 - You will be contacted with the new value for the booking, which is 5% below the best price found.

See terms and conditions of use on the Best Price Guarantee.

On the eventuality of finding a lower rate, must be exact same conditions. It can be possible to make the booking on other website and online, same exactly conditions, same payment conditions that on and on real time. That price must apply for the same apartment’s type, basis, for same person’s number, for same currency, for same conditions and cancellation policies.

The guarantee does not apply to error situations in the availability of prices on other sites.

The guarantee does not apply to non-public prices, i.e., promotions and preferential rates, corporate or negotiated for companies.
The guarantee does not apply to prices available on sites such as and, and other sites with an equivalent operation, which do not disclose the hotel brand until the reservation is complete.

The guarantee does not apply to vouchers.

The guarantee does not apply when the difference between the prices is only decimal. In such a case Hotel de Moura will update your rate with the same decimal founded.

You must send your message through indicating your reservation number as well the link with the lowest rate; 24 hours maximum after the creation date of your booking on

The best price guarantee may be cancelled at any time without prior notice.

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